Hi! Glad you could stop by! This page is the Home Page for my site and right off I want everyone to know 'Adult language may be used'. . We try to keep that from happening however as anyone online knows, sh things happen'.

This is a member only website and is certainly not child rated.. This site is a platform for me and maybe a few others I deem worthy. Because I pay the bill it is my platform and before anyone gets access to memebr only pages they must agree to my terms and conditions. In fact before you can become a member you must be recomended by someone I know well. Well enough they have access to me via e-mail and probably cell phone. They will more than likely also ask me first.

Well then, now we have that out of the way The other note here is that these links are for my convienience only. I cannot stop you from using them however I make no claims nor recommendations for any of them. Only that it is a quicker way for me to get to them than looking though the hundreds of bookmarks I have. While currently the blog portion of this site is empty I can assure you I will begin to fill things up with my rants, bitching and whining. My sense of humor is a finely tuned sarcasm that will probably be misconstrued often, that is why it will be a while before I allow comments also.

So other than these links there is nothing else to do, read, etc. on this page!