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Hi! Glad you could stop by! This page is the Home Page for my site and right off I want everyone to know 'Adult language may be used'. . We try to keep that from happening however as anyone online knows, sh things happen'.

This is a member only website and is certainly not child rated.. This site is a platform for me and maybe a few others I deem worthy. Because I pay the bill it is my platform and before anyone gets access to member only pages they must agree to my terms and conditions.  You must have access to me somehow and ask to be a member. In fact before you can become a member you must be recomended by someone I know.

Well then, now we have that out of the way The other note here is that these links are for my convienience only. I cannot stop you from using them however I make no claims nor recommendations for any of them. Only that it is a quicker way for me to get to them than looking though the hundreds of bookmarks I have. Currently the blog portion of this site is under construction.  I can assure you I will begin to fill things up with my rants, bitching and whining. My sense of humor is a finely tuned sarcasm that will probably be misconstrued often, that is why it is restricted to members only.

So other than these links there is nothing else to do, read, etc. on this page!  Things change, in fact I can guarantee that is the only thing we know for sure!

A very brief , brief.  First off the "we" is now "me".  I am a senior, male with Aspergers, ADHD and an anxiety disorder. I also have a condition call Aphantasia or the inability to visualize.  It is pretty obvious when one has it however I was unawares of any of this until I was a senior of about 70.  Somehow I managed to get thru local grammar school, high school, Jr College and degree level upper division university.  My major was phsychology with the vast majority of what was presented being since obviated . . IE just plain bunk and not applicable to modern psych.   

I am well traveled having seen a bit of the world as a young sailor in the US Navy and then later as a crazed hippy.  Interesting to me is I was a corporate level exec for several years, off and on, and never traveled anywhere during those periods.  In the late 70's I got sucked into personal computers and with the hyper focus only someone with Aspergers and ADHD can do, I have been focused in that general direction since.  I still am a system administrator for a few websites including a school and a large association.  

I dropped out of most social conections a couple years ago and now live on a dysfunctional animal farm.  I find I relate well to the animals of several species.  Nothing I have done in my life qualifies me to diagnose, consult anything.  The only qualities I have are 77 years of being Aspergers, ADHD, a stress disorder and finally the most influential one . . Aphantasia.  The vast majority of which I was completely unaware of it and just labeling it has made a major difference to me.

I have VPS hosting for use of the websites I administer and have plenty of available function left so decided to do this.  It is free and open to older, diagnosed or not with Aspergers otherwise known currently as High Functioning Autism  (HFA).