About 5 years or so ago I noticed that the chuckf.com domain name was free for use and couldn't help myself and I got it..  Also at the time I had a business domain and wanted a personal page so it all worked out.  I live deep into the hills of the Ozark Plateau of South central Missouri and have been here off and on for about 45 years.

My background includes many years as a corporate officer, a few years as a handyman, and I have been into computers since the late 1970's.  My first PC experience was a TRS-80, then as an outside salesman for a computer store I sold Apples, TIs, and IBM PCs to a business environment.  Soon thereafter I ended up in the corporate world as a "VP" of getting stuff done at a startup PC oriented communications Co. and also took care of a Wang office system, mini computer.  Well this led to many interesting adventures and I ended up involved in voice processing (voice messaging and call centers).  I managed to get involved in graphics and learned Corel 2 then though to Corel 18. 

I encountered a bump in the road and corporate burnout so moved to the Ozarks.  Many adventures later I found myself with a sign company that landed me in the lap of website design and web mastering. I somehow managed to build sites for a town government, a theatrical group, A craft co-op, a real estate association,  a restaurant, a school plus lots of others for misc peoples and companies.

Now I am generally retired although I still take care of a couple sites on the side.  I also managed to suddenly get 80 years of life under my belt before I had a clue what the hell was going on here anyhow!  Generally I still don't.